Installing All Styles of Garden Patio in Guildford & Godalming

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy your garden to its maximum potential, a garden patio could be the best option for your space. They offer a functional and stylish area that can fulfil a range of purposes. The materials and styles available mean we find an ideal solution for every garden in Godalming and Guildford.


As with any landscaping work, it is important to ascertain the requirements of each job, so we can deliver the best results. When designing garden patios, we take in to account:

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Purpose & Size ¬– The intended use of new patios is vital in determining how big it needs to be. Entertainment or dining areas for a larger number of people need to be big enough to accommodate dining tables and/or seating.


Position – Garden patios directly next to the house are ideally placed for transporting food and drink and are convenient to access. However, this may not be the best location from which to enjoy your garden, for example other areas might get more sun and therefore be more suitable for relaxation.


If placing a patio away from the main building, a walkway is a great option for accessing it without having to walk on potentially wet or muddy grass.

Privacy – If privacy is a concern, we can often place patios in Godalming and Guildford away from the house or out of view of neighbouring properties. If this is not possible, trellises, pergolas, screening plants and fences are effective ways to increase the privacy of garden patios.


Practicalities – To ensure our customers get the most from their new patio, there are a few practical considerations that we take into account. Drainage is an important factor, especially if opting for a large patio or if your garden often experiences water logging.


If you want your outdoor space to be lighted, pergolas are an unobtrusive way to incorporate lighting, or ground lighting is available in a variety of styles. Electrical lighting is a worthy investment if you plan on using your patio a lot.


To make sure spaces in Godalming and Guildford are usable in varying weather, features such as awnings provide effective shelter.

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Shape & Materials – Whilst flowing curves are an attractive option, rectangular angles are often a better use of space, especially in smaller gardens. We advise on the most suitable shape and soften harsh edges with strategic borders and plants.


We construct garden patios in a broad range of materials, from concrete to brick, slate and limestone. Natural stone comes in many colours to suit your space and tastes.


As with our other landscaping services, we offer garden maintenance for patios, driveways and features to keep your property looking its best and meeting your needs.


With the variety of options available, garden patios are an excellent accompaniment to any property and our dedicated team of landscape gardeners are sure to create your ideal space.

For garden patios of every size, shape and colour in Godalming and Guildford, call 01483 239819 or 07564 579370.

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