Landscape Gardening in Godalming | The Benefits of Hiring a Professional

Many people think that undertaking garden maintenance and landscaping work themselves is often the best option. However, hiring professionals, such as The Garden Tamer contractors and tree surgeons, for landscape gardening in Godalming comes with numerous benefits. Not only can customers sit back whilst we do the work, but it is often more cost and time effective for an expert to do the job. With many years’ experience, we offer the best advice for every space and provide a full package of services, including garden patios, driveways and garden fencing.


Read on to discover in more detail why professional landscape gardening is the best solution for your property.




It’s easy to underestimate how much garden maintenance and improvement will cost if you don’t have experience in the field. As well as materials, buying or hiring specialist tools can be expensive. As an established company, we have extensive knowledge of local suppliers, sourcing the highest-quality materials at the best prices, from stone for garden patios to new turf.


If taking on work yourself, you’re likely to run into unexpected requirements, such as drainage, electrical wiring, garden fencing and brick laying. When we plan your space, we have the knowledge and skills to pre-empt potential issues and ensure all aspects of work are covered and budgeted for. This avoids surprise expenses.


We also recommend what is achievable for each budget and can suggest cheaper alternatives.




Because we are experienced in all aspects of landscape gardening, we are in an ideal position to suggest ideas customers may never have thought of, achieving a space you never dreamed would be possible.


Clever garden fencing, drainage systems and tactical use of plants are just some of the ways we deliver superior landscaping in Godalming. We also construct functional and stylish garden patios for spaces of every size.




Landscaping can be a tough job, requiring strength, stamina and proper use of tools. Hiring professional landscapers and tree surgeons ensures all regulations are met and no one is in danger. We are also fully insured should anything go wrong.




When you choose The Garden Tamer, customers in Godalming have a realistic idea of how long work will take. We are equipped to work in different weather and, unlike DIY jobs, life doesn’t get in the way of us completing work. We also consider how much garden maintenance customers are able to put into the finished space, saving time in the future.


Professional and experienced tree surgeons and landscape contractors are the only choice for reliable, safe and durable work. So, don’t put your time, money or health at risk and get in touch today.

Call our committed team on 01483 239819 or 07564 579370 for all professional landscape gardening services.

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