Seasonal Garden Maintenance in Guildford

When undertaking garden maintenance, it is important to carry out tasks at the most suitable time of year to ensure gardens in Guildford are always at their best. As experienced contractors and tree surgeons, we have extensive knowledge of proper plant care. When introducing vegetation, we work with customers to choose the most appropriate plants for their needs and environment. Our landscape gardening services also include the construction and upkeep of garden patios, driveways and garden fencing.


While this page highlights tasks for each season, some landscaping services can be carried out throughout the year. Get in touch to discuss your specific needs and to receive expert advice.


January – February


Although little can be done in frosty weather, it is possible to plant roses, bare-rooted shrubs and trees. For beds and borders that require spring planting, it is necessary to carry out digging in the winter to allow time for frosts to break down the soil. January is a great time to begin planning landscape gardening projects because there is plenty of time to ensure seeds and bulbs are on hand for planting in spring.


Hard landscaping jobs that do not require cementing or painting, such as putting up garden fencing and laying gravel paths, are best done at this time.


As days become milder, garden maintenance in Guildford includes the pruning of certain shrubs and climbers, as well as planting hedgerows.


March – May


March is an ideal month to add border plants and other vegetation. We remove weeds and prepare areas for further planting. Landscape gardening should include appropriate pest control of creatures such as slugs and snails.


In April, with improving weather, a huge range of ornamental plants and vegetables will be ready for planting. Our contractors and tree surgeons tidy borders, hedges and shrubs.


Late spring is the time to plant flower borders and carry out general garden maintenance of other plants. Lawns should be cut regularly and treated if necessary.


Weeding and cleaning garden patios and driveways in spring ensures your whole outdoor space is in the best condition.


June – September


During the summer months, we help make sure plants receive adequate care and carry out all manner of landscape gardening. This is a popular time for undertaking new projects in Guildford, providing customers with ideal summer gardens.


As well as plant care, we construct and maintain garden patios and driveways, allowing you to benefit the most from your outdoor space. We also put up a broad range of garden fencing to suit all needs, available in a variety of finishes.


October – December


Although plant care begins to wind down, there is still plenty of maintenance to carry out in winter. Fallen leaves and other debris should be cleared and, as licenced waste carriers, customers rely on us to legally dispose of their garden waste.


Tree surgeons also continue expert services right through the winter months.


Whatever the time of year, we deliver professional and suitable landscaping services to domestic and commercial grounds in Guildford.

For seasonal garden maintenance in Guildford and the nearby areas, call The Garden Tamer today on 01483 239819 or 07564 579370.

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